Identity and identification in India

Laura Dudley Jenkins. 2003. Identity and Identification in India: Defining the Disadvantaged. New York and London: Routledge Curzon.  Reissued in paperback by Routledge in 2009.

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India and Pakistan

Consulting Editor for India and Pakistan. 2003. William Dudley, editor. Cengage Gale. 

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India and Pakistan (Opposing Viewpoints Series)

Interview about Identify and Identification in India

Identity and Identification in India's Table of contents

Chapter 1 Identity and identification 

Part I State simplifications

Chapter 2 Adjudicating identities

Chapter 3 Official Anthropology

Chapter 4 Caste certificates and lists

Chapter 5 Categorizing and counting on the census

Part II Political complications

Chapter 6 "Backward" Muslims and "Scheduled Caste" Christians

Chapter 7 Hindu nationalism and selective inclusion

Chapter 8 Class, classification and creamy layers

Chapter 9 Women's reservations and representation

Chapter 10 Conclusions

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